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There was once a time when we were strangers.

When you didn’t know how my eyes watered when I laughed too hard

I didn’t know how your freckled fingers danced when you spoke

We were once strangers.

I fell in love with all your shortcomings; not despite them but for them.

There’s been  an ongoing invisible string tying me to your tides.

You made me wince with uncharted fears— cringing at what was to come between us.

I have been searching for more inside of you.

I’m left in shivers  by what I’ve found inside.

I’ve been heartbroken by your seething pain.

Accosted by my empathetic convulsion toward you.

Catastrophic waves were how we tumbled into one another and I remained cycling.

The thunderous fires within me can no longer wilt from elements of reason.

The spidery rivers of affection run through my veins for you.

But together we’re no better than Sid Vicious and his beloved.

For you, For I

We are better now—

That we are once again strangers.



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