Wait. Stop. Listen.



Wait. Stop. Listen.

There may be piranhas in there. Swimming underneath our whimsy.

Wait. Stop. Listen.

I’m on the brink.

Wait. Stop. Listen.

Its rose colored and there’s lace, but I’m searching for the dilapidated rust that will inevitably encroach.

Wait. Stop. Listen.

I fear you. I don’t fear you, but the last time. I fear that.

I am waiting for you to burn away every last breath of hope you’ve breathed back inside of me.

I could dive. Believe me, that’s all I’ve wanted.

My arms rise up and down, I shake my head in rapture, the tingles reach my spine and my entirety contorts in anticipation, I’ve ripped my clothes off, and my toes rock back and forth dancing toward the edge, but I–

Wait. Stop. Listen.

I fear you. You could mean something. It could be extraordinary. I fear that.

I stop and I search all around and hunt for glints of danger– why doesn’t anyone give us danger signs for these kinds of things?
Its only a person they say.
He’s only human they say.
You’re overthinking they say.

I could run, darling. I could hurt you before you hurt me. I don’t want to, but I could because staying means that beneath your warm waters may be a swell that consumes me.

I take a sigh of relief, I tread backwards slowly, turn around, and see all of the great wide options– options of pools. Endless exploration, endless adventure, all endlessly requiring me to dive head first despite the piranhas.

So here I am again scooting back and forth toward ya, baby. But first,

Wait. Stop. Listen.

I’m listening to every naysayer, I’m listening to every fortune teller, I’m listening to every hint that I could collect to tell me what’s to come. But I’m found empty.

Why isn’t there some kind of map for this?

I push my hair out of my face, feel the tangles and distract myself combing, I use my big toe to draw hearts along the bend, and I do this all while I attain enough courage.

Wait. Stop. Listen.

My limbs betray my mind as it fights gravity, my feet lift from the ground propelling me toward you, I look up and see diamond-shaped flecks of sun between the clouds, my tummy bursts with invisible and enchanted insects, my lips curve up and I —





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